Lucia de B. (2014)

Dutch Cinema: Lucia de B. (2014)

Director: Paula van der Oest
Cast: Ariane Schluter, Marwan Kenzari, Barry Atsma, Fedja van Huet, Amanda Ooms, Sallie Harmsen, Annet Malherbe, Lineke Rijxman, Isis Cabolet, Marcel Musters, Jochum ten Haaf, Reinout Bussemaker, Fockeline Ouwerkerk, Bas Keijzer, Ellen Parren


A psychological thriller, based on one of the most controversial court cases in the Netherlands. Lucia, a nurse, is sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having killed at least seven babies and elderly people.
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Biography

12yr and olderViolence   Rude Language     All AgesFearSexDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: NL
Released 28-AUG-2014 by Independent Films
Duration: 96 min.
Rating: NL-12
Audio: Dutch: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: none
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Extras: none
Discs: 1, BD-25